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Best Motoring Drift Bible Featuring Keiichi 'Drift King' TsuchiyaBest Motoring: Drift Bible is an in-depth instructional drifting video that looks into six different drift techniques that Keiichi “Drift King” Tsuchiya uses while racing. Throughout the Drift Bible, Tsuchiya uses the Kei Office Nissan S14 Silvia on Ebisu Circuit’s East Course 2nd Hairpin (21R) corner to demonstrate the six basic drifting techniques: Side or E-brake drifting, Shift Lock drifting, Power Over drifting, Braking drift, Feint drift, and Lift-off drifting a form of Dynamic drifting.

Here is a brief overview of the six basic drifting techniques that Keiichi Tsuchiya demonstrates during the Drift Bible.

Side or E-brake Drifting – (Does not require weight transition) Use the car’s e-brake to lock the rear tires.

Drift Sequence:

  1. Brake
  2. Turn wheel
  3. Step on clutch
  4. Pull E-brake
  5. Release E-brake
  6. Countersteer
  7. Then wait until car is facing corner exit, then gently give the car gas – how hard you step on the gas depends how much you are countersteering and sliding.

Shift Lock Drifting – (Does not require weight transition) – Not recommended for dry roads – use on snow and wet surfaces. Shift Lock drifting is initiated by downshifting (usually from third to second) instead of braking, without rev-matching, causing the drive wheels to lock momentarily.

Drift Sequence:

  1. Gas all the way in third gear
  2. Brake
  3. Steer
  4. Let clutch go without using heel-toe technique.
  5. Rear wheels will suddenly lock
  6. Then slide
  7. Countersteer
  8. After car is facing corner exit, gently give the car gas – how hard you step on the gas depends how much you are countersteering and sliding.

Power Over Drifting – (Does not require weight transition) - Throttle control is key and front tire grip is very important. Power Over drifting is performed when entering a corner at full throttle to produce heavy oversteer, then excess power is given to the rear wheels to induce drift. This is the most typical drifting technique for all-wheel drive cars.

Drift Sequence:

  1. Brake lightly to shift weight to front tires for traction.
  2. Steer into the corner even if you feel understeer.
  3. At corner exit step heavy on the gas to power out of the corner.
  4. Countersteer

Braking Drift – Three important factors: When to steer into the corner, when to shift down, and how long to keep braking. Braking drift is similar to Shift Lock drifting except you don’t let the rear tires lock.

Drift Sequence:

  1. Heavy on the gas in third gear approaching corner
  2. Brake – how much you brake is crucial – If you kill the speed too much, you will end up stopping before you drift and with understeer. You want to slow down about 70% from how fast you are driving on the straight-a-way.
  3. Let go of brake
  4. Steer into corner
  5. Use heal-toe technique to shift down to second leaving your toe on the brake – The heal-toe technique uses the right foot to control both brake and gas while left foot operates clutch for shifts. Right foot toe is on brake while right foot heel is on the gas.
  6. Countersteer
  7. After car is facing corner exit, gently give the car gas – how hard you step on the gas depends how much you are countersteering and sliding.

Feint Drift – Create large weight transition by force. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the cars weight to transfer only by braking alone. That is when you shift the weight with a feint movement or quick jerk of the steering wheel away from the intended corner.

Drift Sequence:

  1. Brake
  2. Quickly steer away from the turn.
  3. Then steer into the corner. The car will bounce back in the opposite direction like a pendulum because of the great weight transfer now.
  4. Step heavy on gas, as in the Power Over Drift technique, to get the car to slide.
  5. Countersteer

Lift-off Drift or Dynamic Drifting – Initiating a drift simply by maintaining momentum and releasing the gas causing the tail to slide.

Drift Sequence:

  1. Charge into the corner without braking.
  2. Release gas making the rear wheels loose traction.
  3. Slide
  4. Countersteer
  5. Step heavy on the gas when exiting the corner.

Best Motoring Drift Bible DVD Cover

The Drift Bible is by far the best instructional video for drifting that I have ever seen. Keiichi “Drift King” Tsuchiya is the ultimate host and instructor who puts every aspect of drifting into perspective and Best Motoring’s camera angles and voice over work is great. The Drift Bible is easy to understand and a must see DVD for drift fans and drifting enthusiasts alike. You can even rent the Drift Bible at Netfilx!

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