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Option Magazine CoverOption Magazine, is an automotive magazine founded by D1 Grand Prix creator Daijiro Inada in 1981, to meet the demand for enthusiasts of modified Japanese cars in Japan. During its early years, Option Magazine was used to cover street races held on Japan’s expressways before it became illegal.

Option Magazine also covers the exploits of founder Daijiro Inada’s attempts at breaking various land speed records, whether it was at Bonneville, at the German Autobahn or at the Silver State Classic. Currently, Option Magazine features Wangan competitions on closed roads where it is legal to race.

Beside speed tests and modified car features, Option Magazine regularly features, a rate-my-car section where readers send in a photo of their car to be judged by Manabu Suzuki, who was an original D1 Grand Prix judge and former racecar driver, typically to receive a comedic response. Other monthly features include Keiichi “Drift King” Tsuchiya solving readers’ problems related to drifting, a column called Sugoiyo Osaru-chin by Ken “Nomuken” Nomura, plus features from other racecar drivers like Eiji Yamada and Manabu “Max” Orido. Option Magazine also has a D1 Grand Prix mini-magazine that showcases the drifting series.

Other magazines in the Option franchise are: Option 2, a similar magazine but with less emphasizes on featured cars and more information on technical articles and do-it-yourself modifications; Option Wagon for modified multi-purpose vehicles or MPVs; Drift Tengoku, a magazine and video series dedicated to drifting and Video Option.

Option Magazine and its sister publications are known to be very popular amongst JDM enthusiasts and people who work in the Import industry who use the magazine to gain knowledge on new parts and current trends. The magazine is entirely writen in Japanese.

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