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D-BoxThe HPI D-Box drift assist system is an adjustable electronic stability control device that allows beginner RC drifters to drift like pros and pros to drift like gods.  A small yaw control sensor in the D-Box detects when the car’s rear end is sliding and then automatically makes corrections in steering to keep the car from spinning.  The D-Box connects between the receiver and the steering servo and can be used with all radio gear with Futaba style connectors.  Although specifically designed for RC drifting, the D-Box can improve any RC car’s handling.

Electric vs Nitro

Can’t afford that drift ready Nissan Silvia, too young to drive, or just looking for a cool new toy? RC drift cars are as cool as it gets! After realizing you can’t live without a RC drift car, the next question is “Electric or Nitro?”

Electric Motor vs Nitro Engine

There are advantages and disadvantages to both power plants but overall, I think electric RC cars are better for drifting. Electric RC drift cars offer more consistent torque and faster throttle response than nitro models making them the better option for RC drifting.

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RC Drift Cars

Radio-controlled drift cars are equipped with special low grip tires that allow the RC drift car to slide. Typically, the higher end RC drift cars are all wheel drive (4×4) and have swappable shocks, motors, wheels, and brakes.

Yokomo RC Drift Car

Yokomo is a popular high-end brand. Yokomo RC cars start around $300 – that includes a factory pre-assembled chassis with radio electronics, transmitter, and battery charger. To complete the set, you will also need to buy a body shell ($45 - $70), wheels ($50), and a set of tires ($12). So without any “extras,” like led lights, graphite parts, ect. – you are looking at spending around $450 and the price goes up from there! Not cheap by any means but there are less expensive alternatives.

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