Drift Japan Apparel is your online source for Drifting T-shirts and Drifting Hoodies. 100% percent original, fresh and eye catching shirt designs. Express your passion for drifting motorsports.

Drift Japan Apparel began in 2005 when two friends, too poor to participate in the racing aspect of drifting, invented the Drift Japan clothing line as a means of belonging to the bigger Japanese drifting culture. At that time, G4 TV brought Formula Drift into the living rooms of America and that was my first real glimpse into the chaotic motorsport of drifting. Big name sponsors like the United States Air Force, Falken Tires, NOS, Nitto Tires, and Black Magic Car Care have kept Formula Drift relevant in the United States.

In 2009 my former partner let the domain DriftJapan.com expire. It was then assumed by a Chinese hosting company and parked. Drift Japan was a parked page until I managed to wrangle it away from Godaddy Auctions in July of 2018. It’s been a while, but I have finally reclaimed my domain and like a phoenix from the ashes Drift Japan will rise as the greatest drifting t-shirt and hoodie company ever. In Drift Japan’s absence, there has not been another clothing line dedicated to drifting fans. So with that said, Drift Japan Apparel is back in business. I am here to help express and identify the apparel needs and wants of the drifting community.

Drift Japan logos and designs are original and come from hand drawn spiral notebooks sketches (like you doodled in school). Dallas, Texas culture and art inspired all the Drift Japan graffiti. Drift Japan is a clothing line dedicated to the motorsport of Japanese drifting and import culture. Drift Japan is a lifestyle brand for gear heads and otaku.

Hoodie buying tip:  Buy the largest size available. I like to wrap up in a warm hoodie like a blanket and you can’t do that with a small hoodie! So even if you are a skinny guy like me, buy the BIGGEST hoodie available. Bigger is better.