DRIFT JAPAN Stickers! The official DRIFT JAPAN sticker pack features 4 high quality vinyl stickers. The four (4) unique designs you will receive in the DRIFT JAPAN sticker pack and their actual dimensions are below.

$5 bucks gets you 4 vibrant vinyl DRIFT JAPAN stickers. Free shipping!

*Please note upon Secure Paypal Checkout, the seller is shown as Texas Transdermals. This is totally legit 100%. I have been sending people double stickers for the first few months. Get some stickers!


Tons of Official Drift Japan vinyl stickers

DRIFT JAPAN stickers for sticker packs.

Stylish Drift Japan logo

DRIFT JAPAN Street Style vinyl sticker 5.5″x1.75″ black, white and red colors.

Stylish Drift Japan vinyl sticker

Classic DRIFT JAPAN Arrows sticker 8.5″x1.5″ in black, red and white colors.

Stylish Drift Japan sticker

DRIFT JAPAN Script logo vinyl sticker 4.25″x2.75″ black and white colors.

Stylish Drift Japan logo and arrow in black, white and red colors

DRIFT JAPAN 8.5″x1.5″ black and red vinyl sticker.